Zookeeping and Animal Care internships are seprated into categories. Choose the categorie(s) below to apply. Please review the internship requirement priror to completing your application.  

Zookeeping and Animal Care Internships

Animal Kingdom

Zookeeping & Animal Care Internship Requirements

Lincoln Children’s Zoo is looking for a candidate to become our next Animal Care Intern. We are seeking an individual who is motivated, enthusiastic and willing to learn to help us strive to provide the best care for our animals and help create a positive experience for our guests. You will focus on the care and welfare of the animal by participating in husbandry, public interactions, observations, diet preparation, training and creating enrichment. This internship will provide the opportunity to gain experience working with mammals, birds and reptiles.

Interns will work closely with keepers and potentially dangerous animals and therefore the applicant will need to show maturity and be able to follow directions. Prior animal experience is preferred but not required.

As an intern you will able to learn about animal observations, keeping records, conducting keeper chats and animal demonstrations, diet preparation, animal husbandry, protocols and safety policies and procedures, administering medications and/or supplements, training and enrichment, observing veterinary procedures among other intern duties.

  • All applicants must be at least 18 years old as of the internship start date.
  • All applicants must be a current or recent student in a field related to the desired placement.
  • The minimum time commitment is 200 hours during the semester. Specific hours may be scheduled to meet the needs of both the intern and the department.
  • Interns must complete any necessary training specific to their position.
  • Any applicable university or college credit must be arranged by the student through their institution.
  • Limited housing is available but interns must provide their own transportation.
  • Animal Care interns are required to provide proof of a negative TB test on their first day.
  • All applicants must provide a cover letter, current resume and one letter of recommendation from either a professor or previous employer.
  • Completion of an internship does not guarantee full-time or part-time job placement at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo.
  • COVID-19 vaccination is required for all internships.

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