Zoo Crew

Go behind-the-scenes at Lincoln Children's Zoo by participating in Zoo Crew!

Zoo Crew is one of the most successful youth volunteer programs in Nebraska. Each year, 400 students entering grades 7 through 12, gain important life and job skills through this volunteer program.

• Work with animals big and small!
• Work in guest experience stations throughout the Zoo.
• Learn about animals up close with Animal Professionals.

Learn from Animal Professionals

Attend classes led by animal professionals including President & CEO, John Chapo, Lincoln Children's Zoo Zookeepers and more.

Perform Hands-On Animal Work

Administer health checks, prepare animal feedings, create animal enrichment, perform wellness exercises, complete animal evaluations and more!

Engage with Zoo Guests

Give Zoo guests up close animal experiences by showing animals in The Hive and Critter Outpost

Zoo Crew 2021

Our goal is to hold Zoo Crew in 2021. We are holding off a final decision until we have more information about COVID-19 to be able to make a safe decision for our participants. Thank you for your understanding. We will announce updates when we have more information.

Zoo Crew Contact:

Education Coordinator Carly Horstman
Zoo Crew Inquiries
Email or call 402.475.6741 ext. 133

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be?
Students entering 7th through 12th grade are eligible to join Zoo Crew.

When is required training?
Training Session dates will be announced closer to the start of the Zoo Crew season.

What is the weekly time commitment?
Level 1 Session One
Can expect to be scheduled seven weekend days (one Saturday or Sunday) and seven weekdays.

Level 1 Session Two
Can expect to be scheduled eight weekend days (one Saturday or Sunday) and six weekdays.

Levels 2 - 3 Session One
Can expect to be scheduled ten weekend days (one Saturday or Sunday) and twelve weekdays.

Levels 2 - 3 Session Two
Can expect to be scheduled eleven weekend days (one Saturday or Sunday) and twelve weekdays.

Levels 4 - 5
Can expect to be scheduled 20 weekend days (one Saturday or Sunday) and 14 weekdays.

What times does Zoo Crew work?
All levels work 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What do Zoo Crew do for lunch?
Zoo Crew are welcome to bring a sack lunch each day or purchase lunch at the Safari Café at a 10% discount. It is recommended to bring a water bottle each day.

What if I miss a scheduled day?
It is not a problem if a Zoo Crew member is unable to work a scheduled day, however it is the individual's responsibility to find a substitute and communicate that with Education Staff by emailing chorstman@lincolnzoo.org

I would like to work more often, is that possible?
Yes, there are many opportunities to be scheduled extra hours.

Can I work the same timed shifts as my friend?
We will do our best to accommodate these requests. Arrangements to work the same shift may be arranged, although we cannot guarantee working the same job as your friend that day. We recommend that signing up on the same date as your friend in order to increase your chance of availability.

What are some of the things Zoo Crew gets to do?
Zoo Crew will take part in many activities at the Zoo. They will lead and care for horses, share facts about Zoo animals with guests, care for animals in The Hive and Critter Outpost, lead goats and more. Level 5 Zoo Crew also assist zookeepers.

What is the dress policy?
Zoo Crew members are required to wear a Zoo provided t-shirt, khaki shorts/pants, brown or black belt, closed toed tennis shoes or work boots (helpful in pony/goat areas) and a name tag. Only natural hair colors and styles are permitted. Extreme coloring of the hair is not permitted. Jewelry is not permitted with the exception of wrist watches. Piercings are strongly discouraged. When it is cold you are required to wear Zoo Crew hooded sweatshirts. You may also wear Zoo Crew hats. (Hooded sweatshirts and additional items will be available for purchased)

Can I earn volunteer credit for school?
Yes, Zoo Crew can be used as volunteer hours. Zoo Crew are responsible for providing the proper paperwork required per the school's individual requirements.

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