Zoo Staff

John Chapo

Evan Killeen

Sarah Wood
Director of Communications
402.475.6741 ext. 122 Email

Kiersten Hill
Director of Development
402.475.6741 ext. 177 Email

Aimee Johns
Director of Education
402.475.6741 ext. 130 Email

Stacy Varga
Director of Finance/HR
402.475.6741 ext. 124 Email

Shawn Toovey
Director of Guest Experience
402.475.6741 ext. 132 Email

Trenton Shrader, DVM
Director of Medicine and Conservation Projects
402.475.6741 ext. 152 Email

Jill Klingensmith
Accounting & Human Resources Assistant
402.475.6741 ext. 176 Email

Emma Hazel
Ambassador Animal Supervisor
402.475.6741 ext. 149 Email

Sarah Jurgens
Animal Department Supervisor
402.475.6741 ext. 123 Email

Sarah Thorell
Development Assistant
402.475.6741 ext. 136 Email

Carly Horstman
Education Coordinator
402.475.6741 ext. 133 Email

Jacen Graeb
Facility Manager
402.475.6741 ext. 121 Email

Isaac Fuenning
402.475.6741 ext. 166 Email

Jenney Miller
Operations Manager
402.475.6741 ext. 135 Email

Marc Zakrzewski
Operations Manager
402.475.6741 ext. 190 Email

Lea Gustafson
Operations Manager
402.475.6741 ext. 147 Email

Caroline Estrada
Registrar/Scientific Technician
402.475.6741 ext. 152 Email

Abigail Billing
Visual Designer
402.475.6741 ext. 126 Email

Board of Directors Jack Abel, Blake Anderson, Taylor Ashburn, Clark Bellin, James Bowen, Chris Campbell Eells, Terri Dunlap, Andy Frahm, Angie Hoffschneider, Cary Kline, Liz Koop, John Laflin, Jeff Maul, Jeff McPeak, Eric Mooss, Jason Muhleisen, Amanda Ostergard, Keith Peters, Natasha Plooster, John Pugliese, Jared Rector, Eric Schafer, Ricki Scully, Jon Sevenker, Jamie Tallman, Diane Temme Stinton, Sarah Teten Kanter, Aaron Wiegert, Chad Wiles, Hank Woods


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