Zoo Camp Descriptions

Camp descriptions are listed in alphabetical order by name within each age group.

4 - 5 Year-Olds
6 - 7 Year-Olds
8 - 9 Year-Olds
10 - 12 Year-Olds

4 - 5 Year-Olds

NEW! Cats Big & Small From exotic cats the size of a house cat to the largest cat species in the world, the Zoo has it all! Learn about our 6 different species of feline friends and what makes them all uniquely pur-fect!
NEW! Colorful Creatures Animals come in all shapes and sizes, and also all colors! Each day of this vibrant camp you will meet animals in a different color of the rainbow. Learn what makes these animals colorful and why it helps them!
Dr. Zoolittle It takes a team to make sure our Zoo animals are healthy, and we need your help! During the week you will get to experience life as a busy Zoo Vet. Learn what healthy behaviors we look for in our animals and how we keep them flourishing at the Zoo!
Happy Hooves & Long Necks Meet all the animals who wear hooves on their feet and have curiously long necks! Learn about horses, llamas, camels, and of course, giraffes. We'll stomp our feet and swing our necks as we learn about these happy friends.
Monkey Around Swing through the trees with our monkeys, big and small! Meet our 5 species of monkeys here at the Zoo to learn about what they eat, how our zookeepers keep them busy, and how to spot the difference between a monkey and an ape.
Splashin’ Safari Cool off this summer and make waves with this water-themed camp! Participate in a safari to see which animals love to splash around as much as you. Bring your water shoes and sunscreen for this splashing adventure!

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6 - 7 Year-Olds

Adventure Vets Every day is an adventure when you are a zoo veterinarian! Find out what it's like to take care of the animals at the Zoo and the amazing work they do to help save animals in the wild from extinction.
Critter Keepers Learn about what it takes to care for an animal in a Zoo! Meet some behind the scenes animals and find out how zookeepers care for and feed them every day. You might be surprised at how much work goes into our animals' care!
NEW! Hiss & Roar Our animals make many unique sounds throughout the zoo, and they want you to hear it! From animals that howl, hiss, scream, and roar, meet some of the loudest critters we have. And who knows, you may even meet one that can mimic our zookeepers!
Hoofin' It The Zoo's hoofstock are a unique bunch! From odd-toed to even-toed, you will learn how zoologists categorize our hoofed friends. You will also get up close and personal with our hoofstock by feeding, grooming, and even getting a ride!
Magical & Mythical Creatures Mysterious and mythical creatures found in books and movies often have real life counterparts that are just as amazing! Venture afross the zoo to learn the history of these magical beings and where the myth began.
Claws, Paws & Jaws Animals use many body parts to help them do things like climb trees, catch prey, eat, run and groom themselves. Learn how our animals use their claws, paws, and jaws for many unique activities!
Stripes or Spots Tiger stripes or cheetah spots? And sometimes maybe both! Every animal has a pattern unique to themselves. Learn about how and why these animals use different patterns to help them survive in the wild.  

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8 - 9 Year-Olds

NEW! African Safari Take a trip across the world to learn about animals from Africa. The Zoo is home to African cats, giraffes, snakes, porcupines, and many more! From the tallest land mammal to the fastest, you may be suprised at the diverse animals of Africa.
Animal Athletes Do you know what it takes to run like a cheetah, swing like a monkey or leap like a lemur? During this camp you will get to participate in physical activites to learn just how athletic animals have to be to survive in the wild.
NEW! Creative Creatures We are excited to combine two exciting interests in one camp- art and animals! You may not know this, but some of our animals are actually artists as well! Each day of camp you will take home a one of a kind animal painting, along with a few of your own.
Jr. Zoo Vet Zoo vets are animal doctors who get to work with a huge variety of animals! Campers will learn all about animal health and hear from our vet staff about some of the Zoo’s most exciting animals and the steps we take to keep them healthy.
Jr. Zookeeper Our Zoo animals are well taken care of- just ask their keepers! Get a behind-the-scenes look at how our zookeepers keep our animals happy and healthy every day. Wear your work shoes because it may be tougher than you think!
NEW! Scales & Tails Animal characteristics are wildly different from species to species, but they all serve important roles. Explore answers to questions like, "Where does a snake's tail start?" and, "Why does a cheetah have a longer tail than a serval?" in this exploratory camp.
NEW! Water-Loving Animals From oceans and ponds to lakes and rivers, meet the animals that love the water! Even some of our land animals love a good bath or swim sometimes. Experience how our animals help cool off in the warm summer months!
Wild West Wranglers Howdy all wranglers and ranch hands! Are you ready to learn about the Zoo's farm animals? Spend the week taking care of the animals in Wrangler Roundup by feeding them, grooming them, and even saddling them up for a ride!

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10 - 12 Year-Olds

Animal Chef Put your chef hat on and grab a whisk, it’s time to get cooking! Campers will help prepare treats and meals for their favorite animals, as well as some tasty "animal-themed" treats for themselves to enjoy.
Animal Training 101 Learn how zookeepers teach behaviors to our animals to aid in their daily care. Campers will get the chance to adopt an animal to train for the week, applying learned knowledge to real-life situations.
NEW! Awesome Adaptations Animals species are different because they have adapted over time to their environment. In this science-based camp, you will learn why a giraffe's neck is so long, why red pandas are red, and why servals have a shorter tail than cheetahs.
NEW! Jungle Jobs It takes a lot of work to protect the animals of our planet, but they need people to do it. In this camp you will explore different careers that work with animals, protecting their environment, and teaching others about them.
Jr. Zoo Crew The Zoo could not run without the help of our Zoo Crew volunteers during our busy season. Get a glimpse of what our Zoo Crew help with and get trained up for the day that you can become a Zoo Crew too!
Zoo Vet Explorer Grab your stethoscope and bandages for this hands-on camp that will teach you the basics of animal health. Learn about zoonotic diseases and how we care for our injured and sick animals at the Zoo and in the wild.

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