Camper Info Form

Please fill out one form per child registered for Zoo Camp.  This information will only be shared with education staff to help ensure the safety of your child while attending camp. Thank you! 

Camper/Contact Info
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Camp T-shirt
What age group is your child registered for?
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T-shirt Size
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Emergency Contacts
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Camper Allergies
Please list any allergies. If none, write N/A.

Camper Medications
Please list any medications that your child will need to take during camp hours (8:30am -4:30pm). If none, write N/A. Please note we do not administer "as needed" medications.

Additional Info
Please list any additional information that may be helpful to our camp staff. If none, write N/A.

Approved Pick Up

Please list anyone who is approved to pick up your camper.

Please list anyone who is NOT approved to pick up your camper.

The Zoo will be taking photos and videos of Zoo Camp. By checking this box, I understand that photos or videos of my child at Zoo Camp may be used for promotional purposes by the Zoo.
I give consent to Lincoln Children’s Zoo to apply the sunscreen my camper brings with them, I understand it is my responsibility to ensure my child has sunscreen on prior to arriving at camp. I also understand that by signing this waiver I am giving the Zoo permission to provide my child with sunscreen in the event they don't have any.
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