Your Hand, Your Zoo

Your Hand, Your Zoo

Your Hand, Your Zoo

Personalized With Your Name • 100% Tax Deductible 

Be part of an iconic sign at the Zoo! Chose from two different sizes and have your own personalized hand in the zoo.

This is the perfect opportunity to commemorate special people or organizations while helping the Lincoln Children's Zoo at the same time.

  • Honor family or cherished friends

  • Remember a loved one

  • Leave a legacy

Each Hand is made from powder coated aluminum with the choice of three colors. Hands will be displayed on the giant ZOO letters, which are located on the camel exhibit deck in the southeast corner of the Zoo. Grand Hands are 6 inches tall and can have up to three lines of text. Great Hands are 3 inches tall and can have two lines of text. *Disclaimer: Hand placements will be at the discretion of Zoo staff and based on space available.

Hand purchases are tax deductible and donations raised through this program directly support the daily operations of the Zoo.

Please allow 8 weeks for production and installation of Great and Grand Hands.

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Thorell at or call 402.475.6741 ext. 131.

Your Hand, Your Zoo handprints are no longer available. For additional memorial opportunities or ways to support the Zoo, please email

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