Children at the Zoo (CATZ) Request Form

Thank you for your interest in receiving tickets through the Children at the Zoo (CATZ) program. Lincoln Children’s Zoo distributes up to 20,000 admission tickets through dozens of partners in the local non-profit community and human services agencies, and our goal is to ensure that no child or family with limited income is without access to the learning and play opportunities available at the Zoo. To request admission tickets for your 501(c)3 non-profit organization or state-approved human services agency, please complete the form below and submit to Lincoln Children’s Zoo. Tickets are to be distributed to low-income children or families who may not be able to visit the Zoo, due to financial circumstances, and non-profits and human services agencies are to use internal policies to determine eligibility. CATZ tickets are to be distributed for individual use only; group events are not able to be accommodated through the CATZ program. CATZ tickets are not redeemable for Zoo lights Powered by LES, Boo at the Zoo, or any other ticketed, special event at the Zoo. CATZ ticket requests are evaluated when received and tickets are distributed based upon annual availability. You will be notified regarding the status of your request via phone or email.

If you are requesting tickets for a local fundraiser, please visit the donation request page.

If you are interesting in making a charitable gift to Lincoln Children’s Zoo in support of the CATZ program, please go to CATZ donation page.

For questions, please email or call 402-475-6741 ext. 131.

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Tickets are to be distributed only to low-income families that would not be able to visit the Zoo due to financial circumstances. What criteria will you use to determine which clients are eligible to receive CATZ tickets? How will tickets be distributed to clients?

CATZ tickets are intended for use by your clients and accompanying staff members only. In the event your organization is unable to use all of the tickets you were provided, please return the remaining tickets to the Zoo so they can be made available to others in need of assistance.

Please allow 10 business days for CATZ ticket requests to be reviewed available for pick up. For requests that exceed 250 tickets, please allow an additional 5 business days.

"By submitting this form and providing my name, I agree, on behalf of my organization, to abide by the rules set forth by the Lincoln Children's Zoo regarding the distribution of CATZ tickets to my clients."

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