Be a Zookeeper at Lincoln Children's Zoo!

Be a part of one of the fastest growing zoos in the nation! Recently opening our largest expansion, the Lincoln Children's Zoo is debuting a brand new cheetah conservation and ambassador program . We will be the only facility in Nebraska and only one of a handful of zoos in the country that offer the experience to see a cheetah run at their top speeds. Our state of the art facility will offer a 10,000 square feet race space and amphitheater will allow more than 100 guests each day to witness the fastest land animal reach their top speeds. This brand new experience will open summer 2021 as a part of the 2nd phase of our $25 million expansion that opened in 2019.

Join our team!

The Zoo has been featured on NBC Today, Time Magazine, ABC News, USA Today, Buzzfeed, CNN and National Geographic. With our continued growth we have been able to add a new department, the Conservation and Medicine Department, with the priority of contributing to conservation initiatives locally, nationally, and internationally. So far we have been the pioneers in cutting edge research on giraffes and snow leopards with many more in progress. The cheetah race and our ambassador program will serve as a cornerstone of our public engagement to inspire children and families to learn about, and actively engage with, nature and wild animals.

Thank you for your interest in the position and the ever growing and changing Lincoln Children's Zoo. The Zoo may have a small physical footprint but has an enormous impact in Nebraska and Globally. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Zoo with any further questions.

Ambassador Animal Keeper • Cheetah

Lincoln Children’s Zoo Core Values
• We are there for each other.
• We generate enthusiasm.
• We are humble.
• We go above and beyond.

The Lincoln Children’s Zoo is looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual to work with the zoo’s Ambassador Animal area as Cheetah Keeper. Under the direction of the Director of Education, the position of Ambassador Animal Keeper is the primary keeper for the daily care of animals of Cheetahs and Giant Anteaters. Additional responsibilities include the care of multiple species within our Ambassador Animal program including free flight macaws, serval cat, two-toed sloth, turkey vulture, harris hawk, among other species. Duties include daily husbandry and maintaining cleanliness of animal enclosures and ensuring that Zoo policies and protocols are followed consistently. This position will regularly interact with Zoo guests through animal encounters, presentations, and special experiences, answering questions, and providing animal information to ensure an excellent guest experience. Ambassador Animal Keeper-Cheetah will assist in training ambassador animals through operant conditioning with the guidance of the Ambassador Animal Supervisor. This keeper will assist in outreach as needed and mentor our Zoo Crew youth volunteers in the animal areas.

This position will primarily be assigned to our Cheetah and Giant Anteater area along with the Ambassador Animal team but may be reassigned or requested to work in other sections as needed under the discretion of the Education management team.

Principal Duties:

  • Perform daily animal presentations to the public with multiple animal species showcasing their natural behaviors.
  • Performs daily husbandry for multiple taxon with the designed Ambassador Animal Areas.
  • Implement effective behavioral enrichment and training for selected animals.
  • Actively observes animals’ behaviors, checking for signs of illness or disorder; reports any irregularities and abnormal behavior to supervisor.
  • Assists in treating animals under the supervision of the veterinary staff.
  • Maintains adequate stock of all supplies and reports low quantities to supervisor.
  • Thoroughly cleans and disinfects assigned animal enclosures and ensures cleanliness throughout the day.
  • Assists in emergency responses and actively participate in all safety drills.
  • Assist in training part time staff and volunteers as needed.
  • Act as liaison between part time staff and supervisor as needed.
  • Act as a mentor for our Zoo Crew youth volunteers
  • Work closely with multiple departments at the zoo.
  • Continue to uphold the zoo’s mission at the zoo and zoo functions both on and off grounds.
  • Performs special assignments and projects as requested
  • Other duties as assigned

Necessary Skills and Requirements:

  • Ability to interact with the public in an engaging and welcoming manner.
  • Ability to work as an effective team member as well as function independently
  • Understand the knowledge of animal biology and the basic care of multiple taxon.
  • Strong experience in public speaking.
  • Must be able to work weekends, nights, and holidays as needed.
  • Excellent communication skills.


  • Experience working with cheetahs.
  • Strong understanding and experience with operant conditioning.
  • Available to work nights, weekends, and holidays.
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