Group Volunteers

Group volunteers are typically scheduled for projects/shifts lasting up to four hours. Most zoo projects can accommodate a group size of 25 or fewer.

Project Categories
• Outdoor Projects – Raking leaves, moving substrate (soil, sand, rocks, gravel), planting shrubs, flowers, etc. Each project will vary depending on the needs of the zoo and the interest of the group.
• Indoor Projects – Preparing materials for programs, sorting items for special events, stuffing membership or event bags, etc. The exact project will vary due to the time of year and needs of the zoo.
• Special Events – Helping with zoo event setup, greeting guests, manning craft and activity tables, providing event support, cleanup, etc. Major zoo events include Spring Clean Up in the spring and Boo at the Zoo in the fall. The activities at each event vary greatly, but each one offers your group the opportunity to interact with zoo guests during fun and interactive activities.