Tiger Encounter

Lincoln Children’s Zoo’s snow leopards, Everest and Ranney, have been guest favorites since their arrival at the Zoo in 2015. The expansion creates space for another critically endangered big cat — tigers. “We want a big cat experience so amazing that people walk away with a wow moment,” President & CEO John Chapo said. That “wow” moment will come in the form of a tiger encounter and habitat area that allows guests to get a firsthand look at these amazing animals. 

The tiger habitat features several viewing and encounter points, an expansive area of rockwork for the tigers to roam and a water feature where they can play. An indoor habitat that features zookeeper training space and behind-the-scenes experiences is also planned. 

In one of the viewing areas, children can sit in the driver’s seat of a safari vehicle next to a tiger. The vehicle, divided in half by a large piece of glass, provides space for a tiger and guest to sit side by side. “This will become one of the most photographed areas in the Zoo,” Chapo said. 

Guests can watch zookeepers work with these incredible big cats tigers during daily health checks and other training exercises to see them up-close in action. “Just feet away you will see how amazing these critically endangered animals are,” Chapo said.

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    Visitors in 2017


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