Costa Rica

Immersion: state of being deeply engaged or involved; absorption.

Spend your summer immersed in a classroom with no walls. One where nature is at your finger tips and adventure is around every corner. Costa Rica, an expedition through Adventures by Lincoln Children's Zoo is a 12-day trek setting sea turtles free, zip lining through a national park, exploring the rainforest, kayaking the ocean, and whitewater rafting.


Date Location Activity Lodging
June 19 Lincoln Orientation Zoo
June 20 US/Costa Rica Fly to Costa Rica Hotel Pacande
June 21 San Jose Visit Hot Springs La Fortuna
June 22 La Fortuna Zip Line Villas Vilma
June 23 La Tortuga Saving Sea Turtles La Tortuga Feliz
June 24 La Tortuga Saving Sea Turtles La Tortuga Feliz
June 25 La Tortuga Saving Sea Turtles La Tortuga Feliz
June 26 Playa Chiquita Visit Waterfall Playa Chiquita Lodge
June 27 Playa Chiquita Visit Indigenous Village Playa Chiquita Lodge
June 28 Playa Chiquita Kayak and Snorkel Playa Chiquita Lodge
June 29 San Jose Whitewater Rafting Hotel Pacande
June 30 USA Fly Home Home

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Date: June 19 - 30, 2014
Cost $2,989 l Deposit $300
Ages 14 - 18
Price includes international flight, all accommodations, 3 meals/day, ground transportation, group activity and entry fees, travel insurance, donations to research projects, taxes and tips. **price excludes souvenirs and other shopping

Check back soon for information regarding next year's trip.



Departure - June 20, 2014:
Flight 1: American Airlines Flight 1279
Leaves Omaha, Nebraska (OMA) at 11:05am
Arrives Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) at 12:55pm

Flight 2: American Airlines Flight 971
Leaves Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) at 4:10pm
Arrives San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO) at 7:10pm

Arrival - June 30, 2014:
Flight 1: American Airlines Flight 972
Leaves San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO) at 8:40am
Arrives Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) at 2:00pm

Flight 2: American Airlines Flight 2323
Leaves Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) at 4:05pm
Arrives Omaha, Nebraska (OMA) at 5:45pm

**Please note that flights can be delayed due to circumstances outside our control. In the event that a delay or cancellation does occur, we will do everything in our power to notify families and keep them informed of progress**

Vaccinations and General Health

No vaccinations are required for Costa Rica. However, we recommend that all travelers are current and up-to-date on standard vaccinations required for school attendance in the United States, such as Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Polio and DTP. Additionally, while not required, some travelers elect to vaccinate against typhoid and Hepatitis A. Please consult with your physician or local clinic for additional advice.

The Sea Turtle Project

We will be volunteering at a local sea turtle project during our stay in Costa Rica. It is located on the Caribbean coast along an intricate canal system that is full of wildlife. This project is extraordinarily remote and we will not have access to electricity, cell phone or internet while there. We can expect to see many species of bird, reptiles and amphibians while there, and insects will be common.

Our work will include assisting in the sea turtle hatchery and nightly sea turtle patrols which mean a lot of long walking late into the night. Please bring long sleeve, dark colored clothing and a headlamp with a red filter for these walks. Comfortable, closed toed shoes for walking on the beach are also highly recommended. You will not be allowed to use bug repellent before working with the sea turtles and their eggs, but it is recommended to have it with you for use during non-working hours.

Phone and internet

There is internet access at most of the hotels we will be staying in and many travelers have had success with internet-based phone communication like Skype, Viber, etc. Additionally, there are local phone cards available for purchase at many locations that will allow you to call from any local phone at a reasonable rate. As mentioned, there will be no phone or internet access while at the turtle project and families should not expect much communication from the group or group leaders during these days.

What to Bring

Please try to pack as efficiently and lightly as possible. We will be moving locations often throughout the itinerary and travelers will be required to carry their own bags. Additionally, please check the American Airlines policy on baggage limits for travel between the United States and Costa Rica/Central America. We recommend bringing one spare set of clothes in your carry on in case of lost or delayed baggage.

Be prepared to get dirty and wet. We will be traveling during the rainy season and it is likely that once wet, many clothes will not dry. For this reason, we recommend bringing a plastic bag that wet/dirty clothes can be placed in once used to keep them separate from clean clothes. While there will be no laundry facilities available, it is possible to hand wash and line dry clothing at the turtle project.

For the purposes of this program, a duffel or backpack is ideal but any type of luggage is adequate. Additionally, a small day pack is recommended for day trips and activities.

Some basics you should remember:

-underwear (enough for 11 days)
-socks (5-7 pairs)
-t-shirts (9-10)
-long sleeve, dark colored shirt (3 nights of turtle patrol)
-1 sweatshirt/jacket for chilly nights
-1 rain jacket
-shorts (enough for 11 days)
-long, dark pants that are comfortable for turtle patrols
-swimsuits (1-2)
-comfortable shoes for turtle patrols and hikes
-athletic sandals (Tevas, Chacos, Keens, etc)
-flip flops

Personal items
-toothbrush and toothpaste
-travel sized shampoo and soap
-quick dry towel
-sunscreen (the sun is strong!)
-bug repellent
-basic medicines and first aid items
-hand sanitizer
-entertainment items (books, music, etc)
-camera and spare batteries/charger
-travel alarm clock
-water bottle
-head lamp with red filter (preferred)

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