Costa Rica

Immersion: state of being deeply engaged or involved; absorption.

Spend your summer immersed in a classroom with no walls. One where nature is at your finger tips and adventure is around every corner. Costa Rica, an expedition through Adventures by Lincoln Children's Zoo is a 12-day trek setting sea turtles free, zip lining through a national park, exploring the rainforest, kayaking the ocean, and whitewater rafting.


June 19
June 20
US/Costa Rica
Fly to Costa Rica
Hotel Pacande
June 21
San Jose
Visit Hot Springs
La Fortuna
June 22
La Fortuna
Zip Line
Villas Vilma
June 23
La Tortuga
Saving Sea Turtles
La Tortuga Feliz
June 24
La Tortuga
Saving Sea Turtles
La Tortuga Feliz
June 25
La Tortuga
Saving Sea Turtles
La Tortuga Feliz
June 26
Playa Chiquita
Visit Waterfall
Playa Chiquita Lodge
June 27
Playa Chiquita
Visit Indigenous Village
Playa Chiquita Lodge
June 28
Playa Chiquita
Kayak and Snorkel
Playa Chiquita Lodge
June 29
San Jose
Whitewater Rafting
Hotel Pacande
June 30
Fly Home

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Date: June 19 - 30, 2014
Cost $2,989 l Deposit $300
Additional payments will be due November 1 and Spring 2014
Ages 14 - 18
Price includes international flight, all accommodations, 3 meals/day, ground transportation, group activity and entry fees, travel insurance, donations to research projects, taxes and tips. **price excludes souvenirs and other shopping

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  • Flight

    Flights to be determined at a later date.

    A Note on Flights
    Air travel is unpredictable. Although we can ensure that our group arrives to the airport with ample time and follow all airline instructions, there may still be instances when a flight is delayed or cancelled due to weather, mechanical problems, airline strikes etc. In such an event we are not financially responsible for costs incurred by missed connections. Regardless, please know that should flight delays/cancellations occur we will do everything we can to get students home in a timely manner and will do our best to keep family members updated on developments.

  • Health Considerations

    Currently, there are no required vaccinations to enter Costa Rica. Some small malaria zones do exist in Costa Rica, but they are isolated to remote regions of the country we do not visit. The vast majority of our participants do not take malaria medication, but it is something we leave to each family to decide. Additionally we suggest all participants make sure they are current for standard vaccinations (Hepatitis B, DTP, and Polio), as well as Hepatitis A. For more information we suggest that you consult your local travel clinic and/or family physician.

  • The Pacuare Reserve

    The Pacuare Reserve is a 2500 acre privately owned nature reserve on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. It is located about 25km north of Limón along the famous Tortuguero Canal. Originally founded in 1989, this mixed refuge features tropical rainforest and nesting beaches for the critically endangered leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) and green (Chelonia mydas) turtles. At this project, participants will stay in the remote field station’s accommodations while collaborating with researchers on nightly beach patrols to locate nesting sea turtles. Participants will have the opportunity to measure turtles, measure tracks, and assist project coordinators in all aspects of sea turtle data collection, research and conservation.

    In addition to nesting turtles, the reserve is home to 20 species of mammals, many reptiles and amphibians, and more than 200 bird species, including a significant population of the rare Agami heron. Students will be able to hike through dense rainforest and there even exists the possibility to conduct their own mini-research projects or help project staff in their projects!

  • Communication During Trip

    In addition to having internet access at least once a week, participants will also be able to use public phones throughout the program to contact family and friends. The easiest way for them to make a call is to buy a phone card shortly after arrival in Costa Rica. These cards can be used from any landline or cellphone and are reasonably priced. Bringing calling cards from the United States is more expensive and runs the risk of compatibility issues.

  • Packing List

    As you are packing please use judgment when deciding what to bring. Please understand that we will be working hard and getting dirty. It is advisable that you don’t bring your favorite/most valuable possessions with you. Many people choose to leave/donate a lot of what they bring. Also, we will be moving throughout the country and while you are welcome to bring what you like, you will be expected to carry it. Put one change of clothes in your carry on in case of lost luggage as well as any medication and other items you can’t live without. What follows is a guideline, but you know yourself better than we do so please modify as you see fit.

    We recommend you bring a larger piece of luggage like a backpack, roller or duffel bag and a smaller backpack that you can bring on hikes, weekend excursions and shorter activities.

    There will be opportunities for you to wash your clothes throughout the program, but note that washing machines may not be available and clothes will be line-dried.

    7-9 pairs of underwear
    6-8 pairs of socks (include 1 pairs of long/soccer socks)
    6-7 t-shirts, tank tops or work shirts
    2 long sleeve shirts
    1-2 sweatshirt/sweater
    1 jacket
    3-4 pairs of athletic/work shorts
    2 pairs of comfortable/work pants
    1-2 swimsuits
    1 rain jacket
    1 pair of sturdy shoes or boots (appropriate for hiking/athletic activity)
    1 pair of sports sandals ie Chacos/Tevas etc.
    1 pair flip flops (optional)
    1 pair of work gloves
    1 hat
    1 towel

    Bring the BASIC toiletries you need plus:
    Sunscreen (you will use a lot)
    Mosquito repellent
    Band aids and Neosporin
    Hand Sanitizer

    Journal and pen
    Alarm Clock and watch
    Visa/MasterCard debit card or US dollars (we recommend students bring between $50-$100, depending on amount of desired souvenirs, extra items etc.)
    Durable water bottle
    Spanish/English dictionary