Lincoln Children's Zoo Mom Panel

This year’s expansion has brought us closer than ever to the community of Lincoln and surrounding areas. We’ve felt so much love, we’ve created lifelong relationships and we’ve seen the power of partnerships first-hand. We want to see this growth and love continue—so we’re excited to introduce a new partnership with the Lincoln Community: The Lincoln Children’s Zoo Moms Panel. 

The way we see it—when you need wisdom, love and perseverance, who better to ask than moms, dads and grandparents? And when we asked, well, they said yes, because that's what family does. And we couldn't be happier. 

Connect with the Lincoln Children's Zoo Moms Panel to answer your questions about the Zoo. All questions are welcome, from what are the best areas for children under five? what's the best meal at the café? how much is admission? where should I park? what's new in the last three months? when does camp registration open? You get the idea. Our panelists come from different backgrounds and have their own unique love for the Zoo—and are all excited to be our community partners, so ask away!


Get to know our panelists and tag them in your question, or simply post your question for any of our Zoo experts to answer. To get started, visit the QA Panel by clicking the button to above.

Meet Sarah

The believer of "Always be Unstoppable"

Also known as a role model for women everywhere, wife, nurse, Ms. Nebraska 2017, and our Mom Panel Ambassador.

Sarah is a lover and supporter of her community, her state and her Zoo, and when sharing advice about all of these, well, her thought is, "what's not to love?"