The Lincoln Children's Zoo is offering the chance to participate in unpaid internships with our Program Animals. This is a unique and exciting opportunity to work alongside education staff, develop important professional relationships, and gain valuable experience. Our education animals consist of a diverse collection of birds, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects.

A successful candidate will assist Education staff and participate in many aspects of husbandry including:
- Animal handling
- Animal training
- Diet preparation and feeding
- Cleaning of animal holding areas and cages
- Observing and recording animal condition, behaviors, and responses

-Interns are required to complete a minimum of 200 hour commitment.
-Interns must have a current or be willing to have annual TB screening done.
-Interns must have a strong desire to learn and be able to accept constructive criticism. They must have a basic, positive interest in animals and have good interpersonal skills.

-Candidates must currently be enrolled in a college institution, have completed at least 2 years of course work, and have an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher. or a recent graduate (within 1 year of application).
-Animal handling training is a positive, but not required. Candidate must be pursuing a degree that is animal related.

-Program Animal internships consist of a scheduled work week to be determined by the supervisor and intern. A minimum commitment of 200 total hours is required. Interns must be flexible with their schedule and have the ability to work weekdays, weekends and holidays.

- This position involves considerable physical exertion such as bending, crouching, reaching, and standing for long periods of time and regular lifting of heavy objects (up to 25 pounds).